Raphael - D.B. Reynolds Oh I did like this, another good Vampire find. I think it is a little bit darker than other vampire series, it is established early on that there is nothing human about these vampires once reborn. That humans are of merely there as a source of food and other recreational activities. Even though humans are used for some protection during the days it is clear that they are not trusted and they protect the grounds not the Vampires. What I did find interesting was how vulnerable the vampires really are during the day and that even those as strong as Raphael were equally as vulnerable.

So the plot. Someone of Raphael's has been taken by someone he trusted. Humans were used in the process. Raphael knows that one of his vampires has used a human PI named Cynthia in the past and he thinks that a human perspective will help him to track down what is his and destroy who took it. While the story is a simple one with some holes in the plot I really did like it and the interactions between Cynthia and Raphael were great.

Raphael is not a tortured soul looking for redemption for what he has become in the arms of a human who can help bring back his humanity. He is a strong and powerful leader who has become what he needed to in order to survive and ensure his creations survive. He will do what has to be done and he is completely aware that he is no longer human and really does not seem to have any desire to be. I like this aspect of the story. I liked that he was dark and lethal but not brooding for the loss of who he once was. He does not apologies for what he has become and he is more than happy to show Cynthia what he is.

Cynthia is a great kick ass female with abandonment issues. The only weakness she seems to have is the belief that she deserves to be alone. I can understand where she gets the idea though. People seem to have found it very easy to leave her in the past so it stands to reason that she would build walls to protect herself. Raphael pretty much demolished said walls the first time he meets her. The progress of their relationship (such as it is) is very quick and really rushed. It didn't all fit well with their personalities for me but 'Jabril' is the sequel and I can only assume that a cliffhanger made for a more interesting follow up story.

4 stars for me mainly because the story was rushed. I really like Cynthia, she is tough and sassy but also knows her limits and can admit when she is wrong or made a mistake and well Raphael is what he is. Powerful, lethal, dangerous and really, really hot. Can't wait to start 'Jabril'.