Rogue Rider

Rogue Rider - Larissa Ione One of the things I love about Larissa Ione's writing is the fact that she can change your opinion of a character from one book to the next. It all started with Wraith back in the Demonica series, he was not someone you were supposed to like and then when it came to his book I ended up raving about him. Rogue Rider was always going to be a hard sell because Pestilence was beyond evil, Wraith is a kitten compared to Pestilence. He was so cruel and insane that anyone when compared to him would be considered a choirboy. So to be able to take a character like that and not only make him likable but also have you feeling sorry for him is quite a task. Larissa Ione did just that.

So Reseph has been fired back in the human realm with no memory, no cloths (thank you Larissa) and no social filters. Jillian Cardiff comes across him unconscious on a snow bank and takes him back to her cabin and the fun begins. Reseph is playful and arrogant and socially inept (well to humans he is) but he is also vulnerable and frightened and hates being alone or being caged in, even cloths seem to be too confining for him. Jillian is the total opposite in every way but the chemistry is there and passion soon follows. And my, my what passion there is.

Inevitably Reseph is pulled back into his old world and with it comes the memories of what he did as Pestilence. This was hard reading and really very sad, the self loathing and self harm was heartbreaking and yet I did feel that he needed to remember what it was that he had done, the crimes he committed were too big for him to live without the memory of them. Jillian cemented herself as one of my favorite heroines when she offered comfort to Reseph knowing what his demon half had done and doing what had to be done to ensure his recovery. She really is a warrior even though she didn't see it. In the end she was the strongest of the two of them and she had more fate than anyone else. She was awesome.

I was most excited about the Reaver and Harvester set up in this one. Lots of secrets revealed and some of them were real humdingers. I started to like Harvester back in 'Lethal Rider' and after 'Rogue Rider' I can't freaking wait for 'Reaver'.

An excellent 5+ stars for this one.