Sin Undone

Sin Undone - Larissa Ione Fifth and final in the world of Demonica and the Sem brothers and sister. In this one we have the story of a very damaged Sin and the swoon worthy Con. My heart hurt for Sin it really did, she is so head strong and bitter that there are times you want to shake her and tell her to cop on to herself but then you see why she is covered in that hard shell, because once it breaks there aint no stuffing all those feelings back inside and our hero well and truly breaks that shell. I loved these two together, I loved how they bantered but also love how they begin to learn not only each other but also themselves throughout the story. It was lovely to read. Larissa Ione makes this world come alive, I really enjoy the way she writes, her banter between all the siblings is enjoyable and funny. Wraiths 'Typhoid Mary' comment for some reason sticks in my brain and makes me laugh every time I think of it, might not be that funny to everyone else but I thought it was pure gold. The brothers redeemed themselves in this one after 'Ecstasy Unveiled' and Wraith was a bit self righteous at the start but they all came good in the end.

This book also sets up the beginning of 'The Lords of Deliverance' series and it does it really well. Bring on the Horsemen.