Archangel's Consort

Archangel's Consort - Nalini Singh Another great addition to this series. Elena and Raphael are back in New York and the world is in turmoil as an Ancient wakes.

Elena and Raphael's relationship development is a primary theme in this one, as is Elena getting to grips with her new way of life. Both aspects were enjoyable, especially the relationship development (angle's dancing anyone?). Both are still trying to resolve some of their nightmares and as in the previous two books Elena's are particularly harrowing. Jeffery is still a douche, actually he manages to be a hypocritical douche in this addition but I am happy with the introduction of her half siblings and I look forward to the development of Elena and Eve's relationship, I think that it could go a long way in healing Elena's past hurts.

Also looking forward to seeing how things develop with Caliane, definite mother in law from hell potential there.

'The Hummingbird' deserves a mention, she wasn't in it for very long but she made quite an impression and I hope to see her in further books and find out what tragedy caused her to break. She was incredibly sweet with both Raphael and Illium.