Angels' Blood

Angels' Blood   - Nalini Singh This is a difficult one for me to review. This was my first ever Nalini Singh and to me it really is perfect. I loved everything about it.

Amazingly while on my third reread I realised that Raphael and Elena know each other only a handful of days and yet their relationship development and the culmination of events in the book do not suffer in anyway because of this. Which is a testament to how wonderful Nalini Singh's writing really is.

There is just not a lot that I can say. If this is the genre you like, you will love this book. The world building is great. As with all of Nalini Singh's writing I can see everything so clearly I feel like I am watching a movie. I get totally lost and completely submerged in her world's, it's why I can go back to her stuff again and again.

Chapter 37 on wards in this were absolute magic for me. It has everything. Battle, gruesome violence, utter destruction, sacrifice, loss, grief and best of all true unending love.

One of the things that I love best about Raphael and Elena is that you know straight up that this is not going to be all sunshine and roses, there is going to be a lot of ups (that would be in the bedroom) and downs (that would be the fact that Raphael is alpha to the extreme and not human in almost anyway). This story gives us the tip of the iceberg in relation to both Raphael and Elena and all of the other characters within. There are so many characters to love and so many stories to anticipate. It's just a really great read.

I adore this book. Nalini Singh is a fabulous storyteller. I find it hard to even contemplate reviewing any of her books because there is so much that I want to share but I don't want to spoil the brilliance that just has to be read.

5 ++++++++++