Meatworks - Jordan Castillo Price image

So Riverside, Buffalo won't be going on my list of places to visit any time soon. Good to know.

I'm not really sure how to review this one. I'm always surprised when a character refuses to leave after I've finished a book. Feels like Desmond Poole may be sticking around for a while.

I guess one way of describing Des is as an anti-hero and yeah in a lot of ways he is. He is deeply flawed, he is selfish and as he says himself he is a bit of an asshole but for reasons I can't explain I couldn't help but like him. Even when he was being a selfish asshole. I think it's because he so readily admits that he is one, he does not think himself perfect, he knows his weaknesses and he knows when he fucks up, he just can't seem to stop himself from fucking up, he is after all, human and that's just what we do.

"Back when I was a two-handed bastard, I made the sheep of the population nervous by skulking around in my badass facial hardware and projecting the fact that I didn't give a shit."

Nobody in this book is perfect, they are all just trying to keep on keeping on and it's fascinating reading, I hated just as many people as I loved and I went through periods of not liking the people I loved very much as well.

Meatworks is dark and it's depressing at times. You witness a person hit rock bottom and for me it was difficult to read because of that. But there was also hope and humour and as the story progressed it felt like Des was coming out of the dark. I think Corey helped in a way but I really felt that Des helped himself the most, it just took him time and also not having Jim to bail him out and fix his problems.

"I had no intention of losing another decent man by turning him into some kind of fucking caregiver."

Not your typical romance, not even really a romance I guess. More a story of a man finding his way to acceptance after a traumatic event, he doesn't do it the easy way and he doesn't do it in the most healthy of ways but the point is, he does it.


Buddy Read (EE, Elena, Maya, Heidi and Mel)