Hell & High Water (THIRDS Book 1)

Hell & High Water (THIRDS Book 1) - Charlie Cochet

Paranormal/Urban Fantasy series with Shapeshifters? Seriously?

I could of done without this. I really could. I am not a patient person. I do not and never have had the ability to wait. That phrase 'Good things come to those who wait'? That's bullcrap. 'Patience is a virtue'? Lies. All lies. I should of known better than to start this. But this has been popping up all over my feed for the last month and I knew. I just knew. I wouldn't be able to resist. Even knowing that this is a new series with only 2 books released (when it first started appearing it was only this one) and so if I liked the series I would have to do the waiting thing. I did tell myself I wouldn't start them until they were all released but this only proves that I am also a little delusional. So having spent a month looking at updates I was left with no choice. I had to read it. Two chapters in and I knew I was f**ked.

Paranormal/Urban Fantasy series with Shapeshifters. I really never stood a chance.

Then Charlie Cochet goes on to give me characters that I just can't help but fall in love with. One of whom is cheeky and funny and all kinds of cute and loves 80's music and cheesy snacks and another who is... well, who is Sloane. She gives me enemies to lovers (who doesn't love that?) but with a little bit of a twist. She gives me awesome world building. She gives me delicious sexual tension, fabulous one liners and sweet heart breaking moments.

She also gives me a Website where I can brush up on my THIRDS trivia and clarify anything that I was unsure of and if that's not enough she gives me goddamn visuals of all the main players and PLAYLISTS. Charlie Cochet? In me you have not created a 'THIRDS Nerd'. You have created an 'ADDICT'. I'm twitching with just the idea of finishing the next book.

This book is just all kinds of awesome. I LOVE this genre and to give me a world that is kick ass with characters that I'm already falling head over heels with is just too much awesome.

There is a bit of information overload when it comes to the world building but the website really helps with that and the timeline that is on there is really helpful. So I urge you to check it!!




I could just keep going with this!! Suffice it to say, Unit Alpha: Destructive Delta?

I'm just so happy.