One Small Thing

One Small Thing - Piper Vaughn 'One Small Thing' is all kinds of sweet. It's toothache sweet really but it was a nice light read.

Erik was a sweetheart and it was lovely seeing him grow and become more confident throughout this. My one criticism about him though was how quickly he overcame years of anxiety and a fear of being touched. I'm not sure that overcoming these kinds of phobias is quite as simple as they were for him. That being said it worked well in showing how important Rue, Dusty and Alice were for him and how critical they were in helping him step out into the world.

I loved the Star Wars references and I wish there had been more, Erik watched it constantly, there were so many opportunities to really geek this out and I wish they had been taken.

Rue was sweet and sassy and the way he was with Alice was just absolutely adorable. Even though he was naive in many things he didn't shy away from his responsibilities and was the best dad that he could be and he was a pretty awesome one.

'One True Thing' didn't always flow smoothly and there are parts of it that I don't really think added anything to the overall story but it's sweet and it's funny. It didn't make me HAVE to read [b:One True Thing|16036485|One True Thing (One Thing, #2)|Piper Vaughn||21809807] and I'm not sure if I will actually get to it but I'm glad I read this.

My favourite character was of course Alice, just because she added a very different angle to this romance and even though there were no references to it I kept imagining her in pink tutu's!!