Bloodline (Whyborne & Griffin Book 5)

Bloodline - Jordan L. Hawk image

”Listen up little fish, little fish,

Let’s make a wish, make a wish,

For a time not come but yet to be,

One for the land, and one for the sea."


Well. I’m a bit speechless after that if I’m honest.

So much happens it this book but I’m finding it a difficult one to review because revealing any of the main plot points would just cause massive spoilers and that would be mean and could possibly lead to people shouting at me.

So the things I can tell you! First of all, this one is my favourite. Does that sound familiar?

Secondly there was non-stop action. I was a little tired afterward. There was so much going on that poor Whyborne and Griffin didn’t even get to partake in that much of their usual ‘action’ together. And they do like their form of ‘action’. And let’s be honest I rather like it myself.


On occasion throughout this book I was absolutely furious with Whyborne. Now myself and Whyborne have had a few such run-ins throughout this series and I suppose it is fairly obvious by now that Griffin has kind of stolen my heart. One of the reasons for that is his Irish heritage, it’s a rule that we Irish have to automatically take our fellow Irishman’s side in all conflicts in books, on TV or in Movies. Even if they are the bad guy! True story.

But Griffin is also an absolute sweetheart. How he remains calm in almost every situation, the way he can charm anyone he meets and the way he loves Whyborne are just some of the reasons I adore him. The more I read of him the harder I fall. He has not been perfect, sometimes his views on Whybornes use of magic are harsh and a little unreasonable but I don’t think he ever means to be cruel about it. It has always been clear that his disapproval is because he worries for Whyborne. It was only a matter of time before things came to a head and that is exactly what happens.


”When you are certain your cause is just, it becomes easy to excuse almost anything to further it.”

I tried not to take sides, but I did. Me and Whyborne made up though, you know, after he stopped behaving like an utter child.

”My chest didn’t seem to be big enough to contain my heart, or my face to contain my smile.”


”I won’t give up on you.” He shook me gently. “Do you understand, Ival? I love you, and I will never give up on you.”


As usual Christine was completely kickass.

And she was also absolutely hilarious.

”I sat still amidst the rustle of papers and gathering of hats, feeling rather as if I’d been run over by one of Father’s trains. “But it’s my birthday,” I repeated.

“Sorry, old fellow,” Christine said, collecting her half of our notes. “So much for your Hollowe’en plans of bobbing for Griffin’s apples.”

I find myself wanting more and more of her. She is brash, hard headed and tough as nails but she is also a sweetheart and so kind to Whyborne and Griffin. I really want to be Christine.

This book was fantastic. All the characters, even the ones I hated, were fantastic. The plot was fantastic. I might not have been surprised by the way things went but getting there was just so much fun. I know I’ve said this in previous reviews for this series and I sound like a broken record but for me (probably not ANYONE else) these books feel like old school B-movies, whenever I think of any of the books my brain automatically conjures up old movie posters along the lines of this awesomeness:

I’m so sad that I’m finished ‘Bloodline’ and while reading it, it felt a bit like it was the final book. I actually panicked a few times and even went so far as to check the series numbers and Jordan L. Hawks author page. There was no sign of book 6. I was unhappy and I was scared. But not to worry. This greeted me at the end.
Now all that is left for me to do is torture Jordan on twitter for a release date. Simples!