Beauty And The Bookworm

Beauty And The Bookworm - Nick Pageant Having spent 28 days in a row reading books that were designed to rip out ones heart I was in desperate need of something that was angst free and would most importantly make me laugh. I needed to laugh like bad. Real bad.

And so that is how I found myself of a Sunday afternoon all snuggled up with 'Beauty and the Bookworm' laughing like a fool or just smiling like a big ole loon.

I really enjoyed this book. It was like a balm for my battered and bruised heart.

Goodreads was down when I was reading this so I didn't get to update. Looking at my notes I have a very large chunk of this book highlighted so it's likely I would of gone update mad. So it's only right that I share just some of the wonderfullness that was missed out on due to technical difficulties:

The lost updates:

"I'll read anything since I'm something of a book slut."

"I like trees, they will someday become books"

"Five stars. The scene where the wolf shifts in a church parking lot right after Easter services and give the other two a good licking makes it worth a download all by itself."
I need to have this book like yesterday.

"She rides a Harley, drinks like a fish, and is the most homophobic gay person I've met. I'm not saying she calls me fag or anything, but I've gotten pretty used to candy ass, and will actually answer if someone calls out for Mary."

"She's a lot more than nice," Gran said with a leer, "after our last date, I came home with my face looking like a glazed donut."
What's most upsetting about this is how much I laughed after I read it. I disappoint myself sometimes.

"Shouldn't you have to have an orgasm to get pregnant? It just proves what I thought all along: God really is a man."

"Health-food stores are, by their nature, assholish places"

Chapter 7
"I Take A Deserved Beating"

This whole chapter?

Shane meeting Gran.

My only complaint about this book was that it felt a little rushed, I would of liked more but that's because I genuinely liked (almost) everyone, even Twlya who does not seem to appeal to most. The 'almost' refers to Mona Lisa. I wanted to slap her.

This is just a fun lighthearted read about two very sweet guys with no angst. It's a book that I would recommend after coming out of a dark read as it will make you laugh. Oh and I spent about 20 minutes looking at pictures of jockstraps for my review. That was fun.