Like Pizza and Beer

Like Pizza and Beer - Elle Parker I want more.

And I want it now.


Still cheesy, still over the top and still awesome.

Oh Dino and Seth!!

Seth is just so amazing and in this he is still snarky and funny but we also get a look at his jealous side and he was at times completely unreasonable but Dino was also a bit of a douche at times and all I wanted to do was hug Seth. When he gives himself to someone he gives everything, no holding back any part of himself. With Dino only recently discovering he is bisexual it was never going to be a smooth ride for them and it would have been totally unrealistic if it had been plain sailing. I enjoyed their little bit of angst and understood that it needed to happen. I'm pretty sure they will hit a few more bumps and I hope to read about them soon. Seriously I want the next book right now.

I actually kind of enjoyed the mystery even if it was a bit cheesy and Gigi annoyed the heart and soul out of me but I liked the premise and I liked the restaurant, in the first book we had a recipe for Cioppino and in this we got descriptions of Italian dishes that made me so hungry I had to take a break in the middle to make pasta.

This one isn't as smexy as the first one but in the first book that lawn chair scene made me drool and is a hard one to outdo. (I think I need to read that again soon. So delicious.) But even though it's not as smexy we still get plenty of Seth and Dino lovin and there was even biting, Seth being all fabulously possessive and jealous. It was excellent.

So like in all seriousness, when is the next one coming?