For A Rainy Afternoon

For A Rainy Afternoon - R.J. Scott image

I'm all about the sweet and fluffy lately but I didn't really like this one all that much. I know this series is supposed to be about the fluff and now I'm worried it might be too much for me. This had potential but it kind of lost that potential about halfway through and became a little sickly sweet. There was also something about Robbie and Jason that was a bit meh, again at the start I was excited about them but they seemed to become very one dimensional and everything felt rushed. I found them to be very disappointing. Yes, it's only 60 odd pages but I have read shorts with a lot less pages and more rounded characters so I don't think length has anything to do with that.

And do not get me started on the Applesauce cake. He used jars of applesauce? Are you fucking kidding me? I know this is not a life or death situation but if you are having trouble figuring out why the cake isn't working I'm pretty sure that would be the first thing most people would change. This might have bothered me more than it should and I may have unfairly taken away a star because of it. I'm a bitch like that.

I did very much like the picture of an english village this painted in my mind though.