Loving Jay

Loving Jay - Renae Kaye image

Not perfect but it was like a hug.

Liam and Jay are adorable and how Liam is with Jay just made me melt. He was so protective. Nobody but nobody got to be mean to Jay. The fact that Liam didn't always stand up for himself but threw himself in the line of fire for Jay made me all gooey.

"Oh my Gawd! I almost forgot! Mum reminded me last night but it was too late to ring you or send a message because it was after eight o'clock and I didn't know what time you you go to bed. Because I sometimes go to bed before eight o'clock. Getting up before four in the morning is a real killer and I need my beauty sleep. And I know you must need your sleep, too. Not that you aren't beautiful enough or anything. Oh my Gawd! Does that offend you? Am I allowed to say you are beautiful? Because I hate to be sexist and only say women are beautiful and men are handsome. That's so mean, isn't it? Because I've known a lot of handsome women who I wouldn't call beautiful. And there are men who-"



"Off track or something, are you?"

Loved everything about Jay. EVERYTHING. His ramblings and Daisy were my favourite though.

I did have a few issues, one of which was how Liam dealt with his disability, I think there was more than a few issues for him surrounding it that were not addressed and really should have been but look, it's a short read, it's a fluffy read and the if you pick this up I'm guessing that's all you want.

A lovely GFY. They are not always my favourites but I enjoyed this!!