Red Dirt Heart 2 (Red Dirt Heart Series)

Red Dirt Heart 2 (Red Dirt Heart Series) - N.R. Walker image

"I don't want to disappoint you. It's like a pressure, and it's not from you. It's from me. I know that. Because I don't want to let you down or make you regret your decision to stay."

Six months after the events that took place in 'Red Dirt Heart 1' we find ourselves back in Northern Territory in time for the winter muster and while things start out in this book all rainbows and sunshine, Charlie and Travis soon encounter some problems. Luckily Travis is not a quitter and Ma is on hand to kick some Charlie arse. Even though Charlie annoyed me at times I think it's important that we see that he does not overcome his demons in a matter of weeks. I really felt I saw him grow into a more confident and happy man in this and it was both lovely and heartbreaking to witness. I also enjoyed learning more about Travis. He is such a strong man. I love him and I love him for Charlie.

I again devoured this book, I think I liked it even more than the first one. We learn more about farming and mustering and even though all the agronomy stuff went over my head I still feel like I learned and retained some things about it.

I really enjoyed getting to know everyone on Sutton Station a little more and I liked the new additions. Billy's cousin Nara is adorable and I suspect she will play a large role in the next book. And even though she is a kangaroo and kangaroos are terrifying, Matilda was super sweet and I liked seeing both Travis and Charlie with her, especially Charlie.


I have my suspicions about book three and I can't wait to get my hands on it. Role on October 17th!!

"And on the cold, cold ground by the flickering warmth of the fire, we made love. The way he held me, the way he looked at me, it was the closest to heaven I'd ever get without dyin'."