Necropolis (Whyborne & Griffin #4)

Necropolis  - Jordan L. Hawk

I’m pretty sure I’ve said this after each one of these but here I go again. This one is my favourite. For realz this time.

‘Necropolis’ had it all going on. From the first sentence to the last I was totally sucked in. I mean how could I not be? You take Whyborne who complained about going to West Virginia in ‘Threshold’ and send him to Egypt. To sleep in a tent!

Taking Whyborne out of his comfort zone is always hilarious. He is so not a people person and he really likes his routine, he is starting to adapt much faster now but he is still proper and rigid enough that the period of adaptation is pretty damn funny.

We also get loads and loads and loads of Christine and she is still being her usual badass self but we also get to learn a lot more about her and we see a much more vulnerable side to her.

”You know I love you, don’t you?” I felt stupid, saying the words aloud. But Christine had always been more of a sister to me than the one who I shared my blood.

She punched me lightly on the arm.

“Yes, yes. I love you, too. Now let’s see if we can get out of here.”

It was great to learn so much more about her and this book really made it feel much more like it was Whyborne, Griffin and Christine as a team as opposed to just Whyborne and Griffin.

”Whyborne, Ival. You don’t have to do anything to replace my family. You are my family I hope to find my brothers. I hope they are happy in their lives and will be happy for me in mine. But they’ll never take the place of you, or Christine, or Heliabel.”

The drama in this was fantastic and a few times I really was up in the air about who could be trusted. I loved it. I’ve mentioned before that I get a real B-movie vibe from these books and that was even more the case in this one. So much fun and kind of gross and a little terrifying at times. This is Egyptian black arts we are dealing with. Shit got REAL a few times. It had it all.


Crazy goddess lady:

Weird and creepy undead things:

The running for your life moments:

And the so sweet I’m gonna cry moments:

"He took my hand-then used it to pull me to him, tilting his head back to kiss me softly, Christine stood only a few feet away, and I wanted to protest against such intimacy in front of her.

But I wanted the kiss more."

And most importantly of all, we had some much loved camel action with the lovely Daisy:

”What’s its name?” I asked Iskander. “The camel, I mean.”

Iskander shrugged. “It doesn’t have one, as far as I know. Call it whatever you want.”

“Daisy,” I decided, after a quick glance to confirm it a female.

“What an absurd name for a camel,” Christine said as her mount heaved to its feet.

“Daisy and I don’t care.” I replied loftily.

Which led to Whyborne adopting a new look. I liked it and hope he wears it back at Widdershins.

I did feel like I was going to fall out with Whyborne a few times during this, he was incredibly unreasonable at times and I really felt for Griffin. But in the end Whyborne sorted his stubborn ass out so all is forgiven. It was touch and go there for a few chapters, thought I’d have to step in and give him a slap!!

Another great addition to this series.