Vincent's Thanksgiving Date

Vincent's Thanksgiving Date - R. Cooper image

That was not what I hoped it would be. I spotted this on Amazon around Thanksgiving and thought it sounded sweet. It was kind of disappointing and it's a pity because it has so much potential.

Vincent's anxiety just seemed to take over everything and while I appreciate that it was an important plot point it was just non stop. It was referred to in what felt like every single page. I know that this is of course a very real thing for a lot of people but it just dominated Vincent and Cory's story.

"He didn't understand why other people found silence so uncomfortable when it had never bothered him. But every time he was quite for too long, he could see people start to wonder what was wrong with him."

Cory seemed to be really lovely but all I really know about him is that he worked in a flower shop, cycled and was hot. There are other details given but he felt a little flat and it's the biggest pity of all as he could have been a great character.

The largest chuck of this novella is dedicated to the Thanksgiving dinner preparations, there was a lot of shopping as in 40% must have been about either preparing to go shopping, shopping or the return from shopping and then there were the pies. There was a lot about pies. There were 3 pies. 2 (pumpkin and apple) were made from scratch but one (the pecan) had a frozen crust because something happened. No idea what. The verdict was that there may have been too much cinnamon in the apple.

As I said this had potential but it just fell flat and I finished feeling meh.



Who the hell eats Tofurky?
It looks togross.

I'm told nut roast is where it's at for the vegetarians!!