Play it Safe

Play it Safe - Kristen Ashley 1st read - 27 September to 29 September 2013
2nd read - 3 January to 5 January 2016



Just that.


For serious though, I love me a cowboy. I need to read more cowboy books.

This is not my favourite KA but I do like it a lot. My biggest problem is that I find the villain in this to be a bit meh!!

I love Ivey though and I mentioned Gray right?

There is, at some stage, due to be another book in this series. Whit is next but I honestly think that with Lash KA could venture into the world of MM romance. I mean deeply closeted millionaire and owner of a burlesque club in Vegas!! The story practically writes itself.

Enjoyable read with some angst and lots of love.

Did I mention Gray?