Another Place in Time

Another Place in Time - KJ Charles,   Jordan L. Hawk ,  Aleksandr Voinov,  Kaje Harper, Tamara Allen, Joanna  Chambers 5 stars all up in here.

All the shorts in this were amazing. This book is amazing.


Buy it. Buy it now. Your money also goes to a good cause.

So why you still here?


1. "Office Romance" by Tamara Allen
4 stars

2. "Introducing Mr. Winterbourne" by Joanna Chambers
5 stars

3. "The Ruin of Gabriel Ashleigh" by KJ Charles

Yup, still raunchy. That's a game of cards I could get behind.

Adore Ash and I find Francis shivery. I wish there was more.

This story takes place in the Society of Gentlemen world of which the first book 'A Fashionable Indulgence' will be released on 11 August 2015. This story could be read any time but works really well as a prequel.

Ash shook his head, and Francis took a handful of his hair, pulling his head back. "Gabriel. I want all of this." His other hand gripped Ash's thigh. "All of you, for me. I'll make you mine."


Yeah, Francis is shivery!!

5 stars

4. "Unfair in Love and War" by Kaje Harper
4 stars

5. Reread "Carousel" by Jordan L. Hawk while reading 'Whyborne & Griffin' Series.

These were my updates when I originally read it in October 2014:

"So I'm reading this even though I've not yet gotten round to reading the 'Whyborne & Griffin' series. I hope I'm not making a mistake."

"A little peek at the Whyborne & Griffin series. I've not read it but it is on my TBR shelf. They seem really sweet together and the details given intrigued me so I might move it up. 3.5 Stars."

With reading this as part of the series I enjoyed this story a whole lot more, most of all because it is Griffin's POV and the series is told from Whybornes. Getting time with Griffin makes me super happy not least of all because this story takes place after [b:Stormhaven|18633099|Stormhaven (Whyborne & Griffin, #3)|Jordan L. Hawk||26427883] where Griffin kind of went through the mill.

When originally read I could only look at the case as I didn't really know Whyborne and Griffin, reading it knowing them both bumps this up to 5 stars for me.


5 stars

6. "Deliverance" by Aleksandr Voinov
5 stars