Food for Thought (Tales of the Curious Cookbook)

Food for Thought (Tales of the Curious Cookbook) - Amy Lane image

Well that was rather lovely. Amy Lane could potentially be more book crack. I will be on the streets if this continues.

Little warning for those who don't like this kind of thing. Emmett does have a girlfriend for a portion of the book, I suppose that what happens could be seen as cheating but how he handles it was pretty perfect for me and made me fall a little in love with him.
"This is not your fault. You weren't being stupid, or blind, or even cheated on, at least not until this afternoon. I wanted to want you. You're terrific. You're beautiful and awesome and amazing. And I thought that if I was going to settle down with a girl, it would have to be you, because you are really wonderful."

I'm now fascinated with the idea of Beet Porridge and after a google I found that Amy Lane has published a recipe on her blog so this is getting made at some stage in the near future. We don't have chipotle chile bullion cubes over here though so I'll have to look into making a broth from scratch so that will be nice and toxic!!

Oh and an honorable mention goes out to George. The cat on the cover meant I had to read this and George was cranky and cool!