Edible (Exquisite Series)

Edible (Exquisite Series) - Ella Frank Oh. My. Goodness.

I adored Rachel throughout this series and I was sure that her book was going to be a good story, but bleedin heck, I was not expecting that. There is so much I want to say but it's just all too much.


I'm just going to state for the record that Cole did not do it for me in 'Entice' I was not at all excited about him. Thought he was stuffy and rigid and a total control freak. I will also state that I know absolutely nothing. (books and covers people, books and covers).

Every week I fall in lust at least once with a fictional character. The lust lasts until the next book and it is infatuation after infatuation. It's never been love. This is love. As is only fair I have informed my boyfriend that should Cole ever show up I will be forced to leave and live a life of debauchery while only consuming caramel and wine.

Cole. Who knew? I didn't see it coming. Who could? A stuffy lawyer in an expensive suit.

But there was so, so much more. He is alpha. He is strong. He is loyal. He is caring. He is kind. He is trustworthy. He is all kinds of sexy. He is clever. He reads. He loves his mam.

And under that suit. Oh boy under that suit.

The tattoos

And then the piercing's

Just YUM.

Some Cole quotes: (I swear to all that is divine this man is a God)

"Remember this moment, Rachel, because I don't plan to forget it until you're screaming my name so loudly that every single person within a ten-mile radius knows what it fucking is."

"Whenever you are waiting for me, always wait as though I'm above you and about to slide inside you. Always be ready for me."

"Uh, would you mind if we had this conversation after I'm dressed?"
"Yes, I do mind. I actually prefer you naked."


I also must mention Mason and Rachel's dad. Catherine (their mum) was an amazing lady and I mentioned how great I thought she was in my 'Exquisite' review but they also had a pretty awesome dad. I loved the way he was with Rachel, I actually loved how they all allowed her to be herself from a young age. The scenes with him were all beautiful. 'My Girl' brought a tear to my eye.

This was a lovely moment between them that included Mason:

"Someone said something about her hair."
Rachel felt her dad pull away from her. He reached over to wipe a tear from her face, but she turned away, so she could glower at her brother.
"And what could they possible say about hair that looks so..." He paused as though he was trying to think of the right word. "Sweet?"
"Sweet?" Rachel squeaked.
Mason couldn't help but laugh.
"Yeah." Their father nodded. "Like...like cotton candy."
"Oh, Dad." Rachel finally laughed as she hugged him. "Thank you, but that doesn't really help."
"Well, you're laughing," he pointed out before looking back and forth between the both of them.
"Never let someone make you feel like you are not the best version of yourself. You hear me?"

Loved this series. Ella Frank rocks.