Dominant Predator (The Borders War, #2)

Dominant Predator (The Borders War, #2) - S.A. McAuley image

Okay. I'm all in. Totally on board. Ready to join the revolution over here. That was awesome!!!

Myself and Merq found ourselves on rocky ground during this. There were times I got really angry and frustrated with him. He is so closed off and distant. I felt like giving him a slap and telling him to stop behaving like a teenager on more than one occasion. He and Armise are so similar. Both men are weapons whose soul purpose for being is to be used by their respective countries to achieve a goal, be it independence or total domination. Therefore I couldn't understand why Merq behaved the way he did. As the story progressed however I started to see the vast differences between them. It's almost like Merq is just learning how to be a person. He has little to no ties and sees a potential traitor in almost everyone. Armise at least has some sense of himself, he can think for himself and make decisions based on his wants and needs. He also has tradition to fall back on and I think it is what puts him in a much more stable mindset than Merq. Both men are deeply scarred but Armise seems to be the more stable of the two. I say that now, we shall see in the future if that remains true.

Both these men are incredibly dangerous and it is important to keep in mind that they don't walk in the shadows, they prowl in the dark. They are killers and empathy is not something they understand never mind recognise in others.

"We exist to kill. To be the darkness that descends and wipes out hope. Others are meant to be leaders and to strive for greater good, but not us. We cover our hands in blood so the righteous can disavow any knowledge of the evils that must occur for there to be peace. And in our world, if you're not behind the rifle you're in front of it."

This makes for some interesting scenarios in their relationship. They really have no idea what to do with each other. It's fantastic.

Dominant Predator is dark and at times it feels like there won't ever be any light in the future. I can't wait to see how the revolution progresses because right now things feel kind of bleak. What I love the most is I couldn't even begin to guess about what is coming.

It's also important to note that I'm so in love with Armise it's not even funny. I think he might be giving Hooch a run for his money!!

*Note:You must look at this photo while mentally adding lots of scars and lots of black tattoos. It makes it even better. Promise.

"Fuck that. You could have compromised the mission. You're the one who said this war goes on whether we live or die."

Armise's nostrils flared and he cracked his neck. "I'm also the one who said my loyalty is to you, not any of them. We stand together on this. There is no other option. Not for me."

That quote is positively romantic when it comes to these two!!