Review: Down and Dirty (Cole McGinnis #5)

Down and Dirty - Rhys Ford

"He’d stood once in the middle of a hurricane, young and foolish to face the wind and the pounding rain, hoping in some primal part of his brain the fury of the storm would wash away his sins and imperfections."



I think I might have OD'd on this series and should take a break before I read the last one because I found this very frustrating. I'm actually way disappointed because I love Ichi and Bobby and was so excited about their story but all I got was everyfuckingbody telling Bobby to back off Ichi and that he was basically a big 'ho and not good enough for Ichi. Nice friends there dude!!


Add to that the never ending amount of purple prose and I seriously considered DNF'ing. I mean in reality this book is 10 pages long and all the rest is souls floating into the abyss where doves caress it and fairies sprinkle glitter on it as it joins with its lover and makes rainbows and unicorns babies.



I like this series, I really do but I just need a little break. It just seemed ridiculous and I couldn't let stuff go like I usually do which really annoys me because, for realz, I love Ichi!!