Review: United We Mend

United We Mend - KouriArashi


So I spent a good deal of this fic kind of bored to be honest. There is A LOT of repetition and every single little thing is described in detail and that made for a very long book with not enough plot but I really do love this world. I also love the lack of angst and relationship problems that Derek and Stiles had. They are a mated couple and working through the aftermath of 'Divided We Stand'. There is no major complications or misunderstandings thrown in to make for the dramaz, they actually communicate and discuss their issues. Here Cora and Peter and some cold cases create the dramaz and Stiles and Derek are just super in love and there were even a few smexy times! Don't let the blurb fool you, the majority of this is in Stiles or Derek POV so totally a Sterek.



It was overly long and it wasn't mega exciting but it was a comfortable read and I am totally reading the next one.