Review: Motorcycle Man

Motorcycle Man - Kristen Ashley

1st read - 9 July to 10 July 2013
2nd read - 18 February to 20 February 2014
3rd read - 7 July to 9 July 2016



"You entered the game, it's my game babe, you play it my way."


I just love this book and I absolutely adore Kane 'Tack' Allen. Even when he is being a douche I love him. I'm still planning on upping sticks and heading off to find him.

This was the start of my Chaos series reread. These men are the absolute shit. I'd most likely kill them if they were mine but I love reading about them!!



There is not a lot I can really say about this book. It's hard to review the ones you really love. Tack is crude and can be rude but my goodness he is hawt and sexy and just all kinds of awesome, yummy and alphalishious. Tyra is sweet and sassy and brave and I am terribly jealous of her.


The problem with this book?


I have to constantly remind myself that quitting my job, abandoning the boyfriend, friends and family. Upping sticks, moving to Denver, Colorado and getting a job in a MC garage/club is not a good idea and most likely will not lead to Kane 'Tack' Allen. Actually it just plain won't. Yup, just need to keep reminding myself of that.