Review: Stand Fast in Your Enchantments

Stand Fast in Your Enchantments - Rahciach, DevilDoll


"I'm sorry this happened to you. I'm so sorry." Stiles said, watching a rivulet of blood run down Derek's back. "We're gonna get out of here, and no one is going to do anything like this to you again, I promise." He dropped a tentative kiss onto the top of Derek's head, then another when Derek whimpered and pushed closer. "I promise."


I loved this fic. Absolutely loved it.


For me it had a very distinct 'two act' feel to it. Derek and Stiles in captivity and Derek and Stiles back in the real world. What was incredibly interesting about that was that Derek communicated better when he couldn't actually speak and there was very much a feeling that things were easier for them while they were captured. When they were captured they had a common goal, a common enemy and only each other. With freedom came a whole host of outside influences and problems and it made for a really entertaining and sometimes heartbreaking read.


I really like DevilDoll's stuff, Won't Do Me No Good Washing in the River is one of my all time favourite fics and while this one is nowhere near as dark or heartbreaking just like Won't Do Me No Good this was wonderfully written and I thoroughly enjoyed it and just as Won't Do Me No Good was wonderfully illustrated (and that really helped convey the tone of that fic) Stand Fast is also fabulously illustrated by Rahciach.