Review: Misfire

Misfire - Unpossible


"I love you," he says, and Derek's eyes flicker open.




"I love you so much and I'd do anything for you, you know that?" Stiles chokes out, and runs a finger down the curve of one perfect cheekbone.


Derek is blinking awake. "Stiles?" he says again, muzzily. "You okay?" He pushes upright, sheet pooling at his waist.


"Nope," Stiles says.


The one where Stiles does 'anything' in order to prevent Derek pain.


I cried a lot. Then got really frustrated with Stiles. Then cried some more. Fell madly in love with a relatively emotionally stable Derek and then cried some more. Loved Peter in this and there was no 'Fucking Scott' which I was happy and sad about.


I'm told this is a really fantastic Podfic. I plan to listen to it one day but I won't be able to listen in public because of the tears so no idea when that day will be.


The e e cummings poem also caused much, much love.