Review: Red Fox

Red Fox - Karina Halle

"And with madness comes the light"



So this one was a bit slow for me. I still love Perry and Dex but it did feel a little dragged out and I was honestly baffled by them not figuring out who the skinwalker was from like the minute they got to Red Fox. It was beyond obvious. I'm not sure they'll do well at this ghost hunting business if they don't start to get a bit wise.


Having a lovely time BR this with Momo and Marcie (and Elsbeth when she is not engrossed in the Olympics). It's great to have the moral support and I suspect I'm going to need them more and more as this series develops. There is a lot still not being said and I think that Perry is really holding out on us.



Dex and Billy Joel. I can't even!!!