Review: Dust to Dust

Dust to Dust (Experiment in Terror #9) - Karina Halle




So okay. Here is the thing. I love Dex and Perry and Ada. I've enjoyed all the freaky deaky shenanigans that they embarked upon throughout this series and I'm really happy I read it and finished it but this book just felt like the author stopped caring altogether. There were just so many errors and ramblings it was off putting and took away from the overall story. Now, I've had some problems with the editing throughout this series but this book just felt like there were no more shits left to give. Let's take the following as an example:


"I tried to call mom along the way but I didn't have my iPhone anymore."



That is the tip of the iceberg. It just all felt really haphazard and it is such a shame because there is so much to like about the stories that were being told. The miscommunication between Dex and Perry was maddening and caused me to develop an eye twitch but it worked and I was happy to keep reading to see how they were gonna fuck it up next but at the end of the day I think the poor editing job was just too much for me overall. I was prepared to give this series an overall rating of 4 before I read Dust to Dust but as a grand finale it was sadly lacking. 3.5 stars overall for Experiment in Terror. So much potential but poorly executed.


Most of my enjoyment in reading this series came from the buddy read I had with the lovely Marcie and Momo (and Elsbeth for a little while). Thank you so much for holding my hand and allowing me to rant about evil gingers and stupid people, you guys are the best!!